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Hi Everyone...… - Alt_Diet. It's What's For Dinner.

About Hi Everyone...…

Previous Entry Jan. 9th, 2010 @ 07:17 pm Next Entry
Hi Everyone...
           I'm not really new to LJ, I have had another journal on here for years but recently I decided I wanted to be able to log my journey into weight loss without fearing "Somebody" might read this and know its me. I am 47, 5/10 and now a whopping 265 pounds... I am a stress eater but I am determined to lose this weight and get back to where I am comfortable in my skin... in 2008 on Halloween I married the love of my life who I actually met on Alt.com. He is amazing, he understands the darker submissive side of me that for so many years I kept hidden in my first marriage. I actually weighed 296 pounds when I left that marriage. 

I am 31 pounds lighter  but I had gone down to 232 at one point... then the ecomony changed and the stress eating took over like many others we almost lost our home and my hubby was layed off from the company that he had been employed for over 10 years... things got bad but we manage to save our home.. he found another job and life goes on.

My husband loves me for who I am and has never complained about my weight , he tells me everyday that I am beautiful...he has been tolerant with my whining about wearing sexy outfits... outfits he wants me to wear that well at 265 pounds I just can't seem to feel sexy in... you know what I mean? So I have scanned over some postings here and have found some amazing post of weight loss and hope that somewhere down the road I to might be posting the same thing and getting lots you look amazing comments too.
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