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...Kasper and I am on a diet.  Oh, I'm so excited.   I'm about to do exercise to Sponge Bob! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm going to go with every time he repeats himself endlessly, interrupt my workout for 20 sit ups!  It's like a drinking game, but for exercise. I'm ready! I'm ready!
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First of all - I'm new to this community so please be kind! =)
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Anyway - the point of this post! I've been on this diet for several months now, and I've been having a bit of a problem with my water intake. I'm not drinking gobs and gobs of water, but I do at least do 2-3 of my 32oz bottles a day. My problem is that a lot of the time if I just drink water, I get serious acid indegestion soon after. If I have a small sip of soda, it goes away - but my problem is that I'm trying to stay away from soda all togehter! I don't eat acidic foods, and realistically my staple intake is rice and chicken. I've thought long and hard about this, and I just can't figure it out. I brought it up to my other (family) doctor, and she shrugged it off and said that since I didn't have a pre-existing issue with heartburn and acid indegestion that she couldn't give me anything for it (which I think sounds mostly like an excuse but oh well, what can ya do?)

Has any one else ever had a problem like this? If so, what did you do to remedy it?

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Hi Everyone...
           I'm not really new to LJ, I have had another journal on here for years but recently I decided I wanted to be able to log my journey into weight loss without fearing "Somebody" might read this and know its me. I am 47, 5/10 and now a whopping 265 pounds... I am a stress eater but I am determined to lose this weight and get back to where I am comfortable in my skin... in 2008 on Halloween I married the love of my life who I actually met on He is amazing, he understands the darker submissive side of me that for so many years I kept hidden in my first marriage. I actually weighed 296 pounds when I left that marriage. 

I am 31 pounds lighter  but I had gone down to 232 at one point... then the ecomony changed and the stress eating took over like many others we almost lost our home and my hubby was layed off from the company that he had been employed for over 10 years... things got bad but we manage to save our home.. he found another job and life goes on.

My husband loves me for who I am and has never complained about my weight , he tells me everyday that I am beautiful...he has been tolerant with my whining about wearing sexy outfits... outfits he wants me to wear that well at 265 pounds I just can't seem to feel sexy in... you know what I mean? So I have scanned over some postings here and have found some amazing post of weight loss and hope that somewhere down the road I to might be posting the same thing and getting lots you look amazing comments too.


I need help.

I am back up to my heaviest weight. And I am terrified.

I am 5' tall.

My lightest adult weight was 160 for a few weeks (150 for a few days) four years ago. Then my boyfriend dumped me, I lost my job, got really sick and started working at a diner: hence no maintenance.

My highest weight was 220 eight years ago and I'm back there.
I eat relatively well but I splurge too often.
I do not work out. I keep making plans, doing really well for a week then stopping. I have ADHD and I need someone to hold me accountable.
I got a promotion and I have to dress nice. I went shopping today and cried for the first time since I hit 150. I look disgusting.

My goal is 115-120.

The last time I was under 150 I was in 4th grade...

Help me. Please.
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Hey all. I just joined and I'm dying to post this picture somewhere that doesn't involve all my friends lol.

I'm Andi, 20, an art student in London, and I've been doing the HCG diet off and on for two years (one round a year).

I didn't see it until I put the pictures together but I am SO proud of my progress. I still have a little ways to go, but man I feel good.

Height: 5'4
CW: 163
HW: 197
LW: 140

Goal weight: 140

Anyway, on to the Collapse )

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Hi gang!  While I realize this community has gotten a bit quiet lately I thought you all might want to know that netgoth and I are part of a team that has started a health and fitness blog for geeks over at  We're covering a wide range of diets, fitness routines, and articles about overall health and well-being.

Stop by and check us out!
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Hello fellow freaks!

I'm Gin, a 24 year old from Oly. I've wanted to get in better shape for a little while now, especially since my second child was born. I work as a stocker at the food co-op. I've tried a few diets and they don't seem to be cutting it.. I was put on anti-psychotics and the ballooned me this was 5 years ago and i seem to bounce up and down in my weight.. So, here are my stats:

Height: 5'9.5"
Weight: 325
Highest Weight: 397
Goal Weight: 190 next summer 2010
Eventual Goal: 180 next summer 2010

anyone wants a friend to keep them motivated in a healthy way on their journey to happiness, feel free to add me! :)
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my name is shaz these are my vitals

current weight 192
h/w                    200
l/w                     120
 goal                 140

i have lots of reasons for wanting to lose weigh but mainly to feel better about myself
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Hi all.  Here's my vitals:

Age:  38, female

Present weight: 232

Size: 18/20

Goal:  168 pounds, size 12/13

Also, I'm asthmatic and there's a family history of heart disease and diabetes.  My weight loss is more for health reasons than aesthetics.

I also have a somewhat pie-in-the-sky goal:  To be able to pass the physical fitness test for the police department.  I have a BA in criminal justice and a BA in psychology and would love to be in a position to actually *use* both degrees.  Weight and lack of fitness is my big obstacle.