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Alt_Diet. It's What's For Dinner.

It's the strangest support group you'll ever see...

Dieting For Freaky People
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This is not your Mommy's Diet Community. :)

All Freaks Of All Walks Welcome to Join and have a support group, regardless of goals, your weight-loss program chosen, etc. Lots of cheering and commiseration provided to the right candidates.

There are only a handful of rules:

1.) No trolling. As defined by the moderators.
2.) Double posts will be deleted. You will be told it's a double post in a comment, and then it will be deleted.
3.) Use the lj-cut tag. If you're posting any images, please use this tag. Long posts don't have to be in a cut, but it sure is nice. If you don't know what an lj-cut tag is, check out the FAQ.
4.) Do not disable comments to your posts. This is a community and it's not for general announcements. (Yes, this includes disabling comments and then linking to your crossposted post. Leave comments on in the community, please.)
5.) Do not post promos for other communities. A comment will be left and the post will be deleted.
6.) Do NOT post Pro Eating Disorder posts. There are more than enough Pro-Ana, Pro-Bulemia, etc. communities on LiveJournal. This is not one of them. Posts of that nature will be deleted immediately.
7.) No Advertisements for "lose weight quick", "herbal diet pills" and the like will be allowed. There are no healthy forms of immediate miracle weight-loss. A reply will be posted and these posts will then be deleted.
8.) Discussion of religion and the use thereof towards weight loss is not appropriate in this community. We're here to support each other, and share our successes, not to get into theological debates.

Your moderators are: critus, singingwolf, and netgoth.

If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to me at netgoth at livejournal dot com. Thanks.

Members-only to post, all anon will be screened, and IPs are logged, so don't jump in here and be a prat. :)

Mad props and all due credit to buddhabear for coming up with this zany (but well rcv'd) idea on a post in critus's LJ talking about supporting people in weight loss.

Cookbooks Icon created for the community by good_eeevening :)

- Any problems with the modship of this LJ should be reported/discussed on badmods.