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First of all - I'm new to this community so please be kind! =) All… - Alt_Diet. It's What's For Dinner.

About First of all - I'm new to this community so please be kind! =) All…

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First of all - I'm new to this community so please be kind! =)

All my life I've had issues with my weight - even as a toddler I was 'heavy', and I just never lost my baby fat. Somewhere around 6th or 7th grade I managed to shed some of the weight in combination with my body coming into maturity, yet I still remailed heavy. When I graduated highschool, I weighed 190lbs. I was hovering around 200lbs when I got married. Now, maybe you guys might be thinking, 'oh well 190lbs isn't that over weight' and I am inclined to agree with you. In the past six years, I've managed to gain a load of weight. At my heaviest I weighed 328lbs. I'm 5'8".

That was the point that something in my head finally snapped and I realized that I was eating myself into an early grave. So, I started seriously dieting for the first time in my life. I see a doctor once a month who coached me on my food intake and gives me great ideas on meals that aren't hard to make and have a low fat content. Basically, I'm allowed to eat 20g of fat a day in my meals. And that's it! I really love this diet because it doesn't completely limit you, and you can have nearly anything you want as long as you make sure it's not prepared with excess fats and oils.

On this diet, I've lost nearly 50lbs so far in about six months. I think I'm doing pretty darn good... Well, I was. I was gripped with a terrible pain in October that persisted through December to reveal itself to be a bad gallbladder. I had gotten into the habit of going to the gym four times a week for an hour or two at a time, and when all of that happened I stopped going because it just hurt too much. But, now I've got that rotten thing out and I feel much better, and I'm starting to get back on track.

Anyway - the point of this post! I've been on this diet for several months now, and I've been having a bit of a problem with my water intake. I'm not drinking gobs and gobs of water, but I do at least do 2-3 of my 32oz bottles a day. My problem is that a lot of the time if I just drink water, I get serious acid indegestion soon after. If I have a small sip of soda, it goes away - but my problem is that I'm trying to stay away from soda all togehter! I don't eat acidic foods, and realistically my staple intake is rice and chicken. I've thought long and hard about this, and I just can't figure it out. I brought it up to my other (family) doctor, and she shrugged it off and said that since I didn't have a pre-existing issue with heartburn and acid indegestion that she couldn't give me anything for it (which I think sounds mostly like an excuse but oh well, what can ya do?)

Has any one else ever had a problem like this? If so, what did you do to remedy it?
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